Daily Newspapers

Gazeta Shqiptare

Gazeta Shqiptare is an independent daily newspaper founded in 1994 by an Italian media group, which transferred the ownership in 2011 to the Albanian-owned Focus Group.

Editor in chief: Erl Murati

E-mail: emurati79@yahoo.com

Tel: +355 68 40 47 115


Mapo is a daily newspaper founded in 2010 and owned by the Foundation for Economic Freedom, part of the European University of Tirana.

Editor in chief: Arion Sulo

E-mail: arionsulo2002@yahoo.com

Tel: +355 68 20 55 432

Koha Jone

Koha Jone is a daily newspaper founded in 1992 by Nikolle Lesi and Aleksander Frangaj, who have alternated ownership of the paper through the years. Currently Nikolle Lesi is the owner.

Editor in chief: Agim Neza

E-mail: nezagim@yahoo.com

Tel: +355 69 20 80 429


Panorama is a daily newspaper founded in 2002 by Irfan Hysenbelliu and considered to be one of the dailies with the highest circulation, publishing editorials that influence public opinion.

Editor in chief: Robert Rakipllari

E-mail: robertrakipllari@hotmail.com

Tel: +355 69 20 27 243


Shekulli is a daily newspaper founded in 1998 by Koco Kokedhima, addressing also the youth in its content.

Editor in chief: Arben Rrozhani

E-mail: arrozhani@yahoo.com

Tel: +355 69 60 65 322


Shqip is a daily newspaper with a generalist profile, founded in 2006 by Digitalb company, which owns one of the commercial multiplexes in the country.

Editor in chief: Kamber Velaj

E-mail: kambervelaj@yahoo.com

Tel: +355 66 20 50 451


Shqiptarja.com is a political daily newspaper founded in 2011 by Free and Fair Media Group.

Editor in chief: Genc Kondi

E-mail: genckondi@yahoo.com

Tel: + 355 69 60 60 414