TV and Radio Stations (Public Broadcasters)

Radio and Television of B&H (BHRT)

Established in 2001 with support of the international community. BHRT is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s public service broadcaster, one of three public service broadcasters in the country. BHRT, according to the Law on Public RTV Services, along with the regular informative program, has the obligation of producing and broadcasting a certain amount of hours of children’s, cultural, sport, documentary and motion programing, as well as programming in the languages of minorities. However, BHRT is mainly oriented towards informative programing and does not fulfill all program responsibilities, because of its poor financial situation.

General Director: Belmin Karamehmedović


Tel: +387 33 408 031

Radio-Television of the Federation of B&H (FTV)

Created as a segment of the transformation of the former B&H RTV. FTV is the public service broadcaster of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of two entities in B&H. FTV, as a public service broadcaster, just as BHRT, has a statutory obligation of producing and broadcasting various types of programing. FTV is under great political pressure and its independence, as a public service, is questionable. Certain political parties are fighting hard for control over FTV, which reflects in its editorial policy.

General Director: Dzemal Sabic


Tel: +387 33 464 070

Radio-Television of the Republic of SRPSKA (RTRS)

Established in 1994, by the Government of RS. RTRS is the public service broadcaster of the Republic of Srpska, one of two entities in B&H. As is the case with BHRT and FTV, RTRS has a statutory obligation of producing and broadcasting informative, children’s, documentary, cultural and motion programming. Analyses of RTRS’s content show that all of this programing is present, but not to the extent that it should. RTRS, also, is under political pressures, which is sometimes reflected on the editorial policy’s independence.

General Director: Drasko Milinovic


Tel: +387 51 339 800