Groningen (NL) – Oldenburg (D) Twin City Portrait: Urban Innovation Partnership in the European Union

Groningen in the Netherlands and nearby Oldenburg in Germany have been twin cities since 1989. Both are unrivaled economic, political and cultural centers in their respective regions as well as major tourist destinations.


The lecture on Jan. 29, will profile both cities and discuss the effectiveness of their recent urban innovation strategies.

Groningen has a centuries-long tradition of trade and higher education. The city was among the three finalists in the 2014 iCapital competition of the European Commission and has been branded as a ‘City of Talents’.

Oldenburg has been undergoing a successful transformation from a purely residential and administrative regional center towards becoming a future-oriented ‘knowledge city’. In 2009, it officially became Germany’s ‘City of Science’.

Groningen and Oldenburg are an example of extremely close and productive cross-border cooperation in Europe, linking parts of their public administrations, working on joint urban projects and long-term development strategies. Special emphasis is on energy supplies (especially renewable energy) and (in view of Europe’s demographic changes) health sciences, including the flagship project of the first bi-national Medical School (‘European Medical School’).

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AAB402L, 4/F, Academic & Administration Building, Baptist University Road, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong


  • Prof. Dr. Gerd Schwandner
    • former Mayor of Oldenburg/ Germany

      Thomas Awe