Domestic Programmes

Support for international visitors and scholarship holders in Germany

The domestic programmes team supports, accompanies and complements the work of the more than 80 international offices in over 100 countries of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) with relevant visiting and education programmes in Germany. In Germany alone, 60 study and dialogue programmes take place every year from selected developing, EU and partner countries for high-ranking people from the political, academic and social spheres.

Regarding the thematic focus of the study and dialogue programmes, it is the inter-party and parliament dialogue that is paramount. Other areas of priority constitute the programmes for legal experts on themes such as constitutional and administrative jurisdiction, the fight against corruption and domestic security. Moreover, the visitor groups also reflect the range of issues for KAS abroad with the promotion of an independent media, the discussion about federal structures, the regulatory approach of the social market economy, questions about climate, environment and energy.

Commemoration days throughout Germany such as 25 years of German reunification, 50 years of German-Israeli relations and 70 years end of World War II, are also taken into account. The foreign delegations meet selected dialogue partners in Berlin and other German federal states, who are individually requested for the programmes. Alongside the 60 study and dialogue programmes, every year up to ten “Germany seminars” are planned which convey the basic principles of political education in a more distinct seminar setting to a large circle of foreign disseminators and partners of KAS. This also provides the opportunity to delve deeper into selected political issues. Furthermore, each year ten Berlin seminars are planned primarily for young talents from Europe and the Middle East. These programmes receive financial support from the German Lottery Foundation in Berlin, and for that reason they place an emphasis on the role of Berlin. In terms of content, general questions about the development of democratic structures and parties are of upmost importance. Moreover, there are discussions about the questions pertaining to policy consultation, political education and the significance of the media in a democratic society.

In order to support the global work of KAS, each year the domestic programmes team awards up to 100 scholarships. These are scholarships for study visits in the country of origin or neighbouring countries and in rare cases also in Germany. The scholarships are designed for people from the KAS project environment and who- as disseminators- we can expect to make a positive impact on society and politics. Here, a particular focal point is the promotion of journalists, political scientists and economists.

Every year, the domestic programmes team, in collaboration with the country desk offices, organises a variety of international specialised conferences which present current and overarching developments in the areas of European politics, rule of law and development policy. They serve to promote value-based dialogue as well as the exchange of ideas and experience and they should help to improve mutual understanding and to develop political strategies. At the same time, they represent-with the involvement of the media- a forum for opinion leaders.