Regional Development Policies


For Academia, Members of Parliament and Civil Society


The Ministry of Regional Cooperation and NEPAD has been collaborating with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in the form of workshops, to develop a Regional Policy Document for accelerated socio-economic growth in the ECOWAS sub-Region. The first workshop was held on 22nd July, 2005 to develop the main components of the document on the National Policy.

A focus-group workshop, the third in a series, will be held at the Elimina Beach Resort in Elimina Central Region, from 16th – 18th March, 2006. It will focus on two of the components developed in July 2005: Regional Institutions and Regional Economic Communities.

The workshop is expected to formulate policies in the context of Ghana's relations with regional institutions and regional economic communities, to define the objectives of the relations and to give an indication of how the objectives could be achieved.

The two earlier workshops held in October and November 2005, focused on Public Participation in Regional Cooperation Activities and Institutional Collaboration, and on Security and Peacekeeping, respectively.

The Regional Development Policy document is expected to guide Ghana's integration and cooperation activities with her neighbours and international partners; enable Ghana to conduct its cooperation and integration activities in a coordinated, predictable, consistent and focused manner; enable the country to measure its performance against its own policies; enable the Public assess Government's performance in its international relations; guide the public by the country's documented integration and cooperation policies.

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