The First German African Entrepreneurship Summit

Unleash the Ecosystem
The German African Entrepreneurship Summit (GAES) in Ghana takes place from Monday 11th February – Wednesday 13th February, 2019 at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. This summit brings together 150 representatives of the Pan-African entrepreneurship ecosystem to focus their experience and creativity on central questions of entrepreneurship in Africa and to learn from each other. The event is themed: Unleash the Ecosystem - to shape Policies, collaborate with Companies and determine its own Future. The GAES is organised by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in collaboration with some partners. The partners include the Ministry of Business Development, AHK (Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana), Afrilabs, #i4Policy, Make-IT in Africa and Ghana Tech and Business Hubs in Ghana

Expert conference

Ghana's incubators revive their network

Entrepreneurship is the topic to be - at least one gets the impression following international and Ghanaian media.


Gruender foerdern - um Ghana zu entwickeln!

Gemeinsam mit dem ghanaischen Gruenderzentrum 'Hopin Academy' und dem Ministerium für Wirtschaftsförderung in Ghana hat die KAS ein eintägiges Diskussionsforum über Unternehmertum in Tamale organisiert.


Projektberatung bei Jugendorganisation

KAS- Praktikanten unterstuetzen junge Ghanaer
Eine junge ghanaische NGO, Greener Impact International, plant, ein Projekt im Bereich Entrepreneurship zu starten. Bei der Projektentwicklung unterstuetzen die Praktikantinnen des KAS-Bueros und Bueroleiter Hellemann.


Traders in dialogue with Municipalities

The Ghana Union of Traders (GUTA) with support from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) is organizing workshops and engagements on the theme "strengthening traders associations for municipal and district assemblies responsiveness".


Junge Unternehmer gesucht!

Um junge Menschen davon zu überzeugen, ihr (wirtschaftliches) Glück in Ghana zu versuchen, braucht es Angebote und Rahmenbedingungen, um Unternehmertum zu fördern.

Expert conference

Verantwortung als Buerger uebernehmen

Die nationale Justitia et Pax (Gerechtigkeit und Frieden)- Kommission der katholischen Kirche bespricht bei ihren jährlichen Versammlung aller Diözesankommissionen, welche Ergebnisse durch die Bürgerdialoge bisher erreicht wurden.

Expert conference

Business Forum mit Finanzminister

Der ghanaische Finanzminister, Ken Ofori-Atta, trifft mit europäischen Unternehmern aus Ghana zusammen, um mit ihnen über die wirtschaftliche Gesamtlage in Ghana zu diskutieren.

Event Reports

Social Market Economy: Implications on Ghana

Conference in Accra- Birgit Schnieber-Jastarm, Member of the EU-Parliament on visit in Ghana
In the period of March 28th- March 31st of 2011 an KAF-organized conference about the implications of the social market economy on Ghana has been held in Accra. Mrs. Schnieber-Jastram, a member of the EU-parliament has been on a visit and attended the conference, too. Local NGOs, students as well as politicians have been the guests. The participants exchanged ideas,interesing opinions, well researched statements and valuable information on the topic of the social market economy affecting the country.

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Auswirkungen der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft auf Ghana

KAS Konferenz mit Frau Schnieber-Jastram, MdEP zu Besuch
Vom 28.03.-31.03.2011 fand eine Veranstaltung der KAS in Accra, Ghana mit dem Thema "Social Market Economy- Implications for Ghana" statt. Wichtige ghanaische wie deutsche Abgeordnete sowie ghanaische Studenten, Vertreter von lokalen NGOs als auch der Presse waren anwesend. Die Veranstaltung brillierte mit sehr interessanten Kommentaren und einem regen Informationsaustausch.

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Europa trifft Afrika

MdEP Schnieber-Jastram besucht Ghana
Birgit Schnieber-Jastram hat bei einem Besuch der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Ghana für das Modell der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft geworben.

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Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung und Justitia et Pax

by Gregor Ryssel

Soziallehre der Kirche für die Entwicklung Afrikas in Wert setzen
„Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass die Förderung der sozialen Verantwortung der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Eliten sowie die Diskussion von Rahmenbedingungen, wie sie die Leitlinien der Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung nennen, zu einer nachhaltigen und freien Entwicklung in Europa, aber auch in Afrika maßgeblich beisteuern", erklärte Dr. Gerhard Wahlers.

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Wissenstransfer statt Wohltätigkeit

John A. Kufuor fordert neuen Blick auf Afrika
Der frühere ghanaische Staatspräsident John A. Kufuor hat Europa dazu aufgerufen, Afrika als echten Wirtschaftspartner anzuerkennen und zu fördern. „Wir wollen keine Wohltätigkeit, wir wollen Investitionen, die sich für beide Seiten lohnen“, sagte er in der Akademie der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung vor rund 200 Zuhörern. Dabei empfahl er für die Entwicklung des Kontinents ein afrikanisches Modell der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft als beste Wirtschaftsordnung.

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20 Years Of German Unification & 52 Years Of Ghana’s Independence

Proceedings Of A Symposium On Lessons For Nation-Building
The papers published in this volume represent some preliminary results of research conducted within the framework of the symposium in commemoration of 52 years of independence of Ghana and 20 years of reunification of Germany on the general theme of 20 years of German Unification and 52 years of Ghana’s Independence: Lessons for Nation-Building. This volume is an important contribution to the practices and discourses on nation-building.

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Ghana: Report on the Launch of the Democracy Report 2007

Political Parties worldwide and in Ghana
The Report was launched by the 2nd Dpty Speaker of Parliament and the occasion was chaired by the Chairperson of the Good Governance Programme. It assesses political parties across the world towards democratic development beyond periodic elections. The study samples 16 countries from all the geo-political regions of the world. Ghana was one of the 4 African countries chosen and Prof. K. Ninsin, the Dept. of Political Science, University of Ghana researched the Ghana case.

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Public safety - The role of the security agencies

Workshop Report (Akosombo, 13.-15.10.2006

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Decentralisation and traditional authorities in Ghana

Workshop Report (16. - 18.08.2006)

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Early warning system on internal conflicts and disasters

Report on: Two-day stakeholders’ workshop
Conflicts and disasters have become endemic in most parts of Africa, and Ghana is no exception. Though it is acknowledged that Ghana is an island of peace in a turbulent sea, it has got its own fair share of conflicts in various part of the country during the past decades.Most conflicts which have engulfed nations and wrecked untold hardships on the citizens and destroyed state infrastructure, have often begun as minor family, clan, tribal, religious, traditional or chieftaincy feuds.Even though such occurrences cannot totally be ruled out, it is believed that even before these feuds degenerate into large-scale conflicts and constitute threats to national peace, the existence of a workable Policy on Early Warning System on Internal Conflicts and Disasters, with in-built Response Mechanisms, could go a long way to quell them, even before they spread. After all, prevention, it has proven, is less expensive than cure.It is in this light that the Konrad Adenaur Foundation [KAF], a German Non-Governmental Organisation which is committed to governance issues, in conjunction with Ministry of the Interior, which has over-all responsibility for internal security, thought it expedient to organise a Stakeholders’ Workshop on Internal Conflicts and Disasters with the aim of bringing all shade of opinions to bear on the formulation of effective Early Warning System Policy Document for the country. The Programme which is in line with the Ministry’s strategic plan, was also to offer all the Stakeholders and the Experts in the field of Conflict Management, the opportunity to thoroughly deliberate on the Matrices which had been developed by the Muiti-Sectoral Committee responsible for the formulation of the Policy Document.