Event Reports

NEPAD: Workshop on APRM Implementation

Kumasi, 13 August 2005


Since the endorsement of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) by African leaders in July 2001, its adoption, by the African Union (AU), in July 2002 and the subsequent establishment of an African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to facilitate and enhance good political, economic, social and corporate governance in Africa, Ghana has remained committed to these continental initiatives.

Having been the first to accede to the APRM, Ghana completed the first stage of the APRM process in February 2005, where a Country Self-Assessment Report on Ghana was submitted to the APR Secretariat in South Africa. As a follow-up process, Ghana received her APRM Review Mission from the APR Secretariat, led by Dr. Chris Stals (APR Panel Member) in May 2005.

On June 19th 2005, Ghana reached an important milestone in her APRM pursuits when both her Country Self-Assessment Report and APR Panel Report were presented to the APR Forum at the 3rd APR Forum in Abuja, Nigeria. In a few weeks, another APR Forum will be organised in Abuja, Nigeria for the President of Ghana to meet his Peers and be peer reviewed.

In order for the Ministry to build consensus and foster common understanding of the APRM process among diverse stakeholders in Ghana, a one-day workshop was held at Miklin Hotel, Kumasi 13th August 2005 for media practitioners in Ashanti and the Brong Ahafo regions. The main objective of workshop was to adequately update the Media on the status of implementation of the APRM in Ghana and Ghana’s APRM Programme of Action. The workshop was to ultimately make the Media well informed about the APRM endeavours of Ghana, so that when the President is Peer Reviewed and the Ghana’s APRM Report is finally published, the Media would be better positioned to steer discussions on real issues raised in the Report towards the betterment of Ghana.