Scholarship Program Israel

Scholarship Program for Israelis in Israel 2017

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Israel awards scholarships to Israeli students and graduates who have already acquired a university degree and who intend to complete master studies and doctoral studies in Israel. KAS aims at enabling talented young people to engage in serious study through ideational support and the awarding of scholarships. In doing so, it prepares them for their duties in state and society and most notably in science, economics, politics and management, media and culture as well as in international organizations.

What do we expect?

•Completed Bachelor's or Master's degree (in political or social sciences)

•Israeli Citizenship (living in Israel)

•Age limit of 32 years (at the point of application)

•Outstanding academic performance

•Broad general education and strong interest in political issues

•Open-mindedness and interest as well as creativity

•Knowledge about German and European politics and the work of KAS

•personal suitability

•political and social commitment

•readiness to play an active role to benefit and develop relationships between Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany

What do you get?

•Monthly scholarship of € 400 for the period of one year (October 2017 until October 2018)

•Contact to our global alumni network

How to apply?

Please provide us with the following documents:

•Detailed and up-to-date curriculum vitae in tabular form.

•Cover letter from the candidate in which he/she outlines the reasons for the planned further education and presents how he/she intends to integrate what has been learnt into the work of KAS and its partners on-site.

•Certified copies of certificates, in particular the graduation certificate.

•At least two letters of recommendation or reports.

•Letter of acceptance from the university or acceptance from the institution at which the training or internship is to be completed.

•Health certificate (for reasons pursuant to insurance law)

•an up-to-date photo

Deadline: August 31, 2017

Send your application to:

The scholars’ obligations

Upon acceptance of funding, scholarship holders commit to

•use the scholarship for a timely and purposeful study,

•present the enrolment certificate as well as proof of study and academic achievement or the work reports always in a timely manner;

•only change the subject of study or study course, dissertation theme or the doctoral supervisor (subject supervisor) and/or the place of study after prior consultation with KAS;

•provide information about a postponement of examinations and deadlines or dissertations in a timely manner and with detailed justification;

There is no legal entitlement to granting the scholarship or to an extension of the funding period.


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