Online Publications of KAS Israel

Online publications of KAS Israel

Here, you will find online publications of KAS Israel to download free of charge.

Publication Date: 22 May 2014

Language: English

KAS’s Amman office has published a study on „The Socio-Economic Implications of Syrian Refugees on Jordan“ which KAS Israel recommends its readers.

Publication Date: 30 January 2014

Language: English

KAS’s London office has published a study on The Arab Spring and its Impact on Supply and Production in Global Markets which KAS Israel recommends its readers.

Publication Date: 11 December 2013

Language: English

Our online publication: The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project, co-produced by the Centre for the Study of European Politics and Society (CSEPS) at BGU and KAS Israel, collects edited talks which were given at an international workshop in Be’er Sheva on May 7th, 2013.

Publication Date: 1 November 2013

Language: English, German, Hebrew, Arabic

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung supports a global project for preserving and protecting Holy Sites against all violence and desecration. The Universal Code of Conduct on Holy Sites is originally in English. On our website, you can also find translations in Hebrew, Arabic and German.

Publishing Date: 10 October 2013

Language: English

How would the establishment of a Palestinian State impact the region? Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian research teams studied this question for two years examining different aspects. The results are encouraging: A Two-State-Solution may not immediately solve all problems in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship and in the region, but it would be the beginning of positive progress in all probabilities. Read the text of the study supported by the EU in the context of the “Partnership for Peace” program and KAS-Israel: The Regional Implications of the Establishment of a Palestinian State.

Publication Date: 29 August 2013

Language: English, German, Hebrew

On September 13,1993, the Oslo Accords were signed in Washington DC between the government of Israel and the PLO. In light of this anniversary, KAS Israel asked Dr. Ron Pundak, one of the architects of the Oslo Accords, to explain why and how the two-state solution serves the fundamental interests of Israel. You can read his analysis here: Twenty Years After Oslo

Publication Date: 31 July 2013


Law student Nicole Herbert analyzes current issues regarding marriage and divorce laws in Israel: Marriage and Divorce in Israel.

Publication Date: 4 April 2013

Language: English

The publication, The Crisis of Governance in the Middle East: Implications for Democracy, Development and Security, investigates the crisis of governance in the Middle East and North Africa - a crisis that not only brings new dynamics of democratization and authoritarianism with it, but also state failure, the rise of non-state actors and profound changes in the areas of security, economic, legal and social issues. The Crisis of Governance in the Middle East: Implications for Democracy, Development & Security

Publication Date: 10 February 2013

Language: English

In 2012, KAS Israel and the Center for the Study of European Politics and Society at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ( BGU ) jointly founded the Bologna Training Center at BGU. We share the conviction that it is in the interest of both Israel and Europe to open the “European Higher Education Area” for Israel - and vice versa. The annual report on the first year of the BTC is available online

Publication Date: 10 January 2013, 21 January 2013 and 7 March 2013.

Language: English

Under the heading, Arab Politics in Israel and the 19th Knesset Elections, KAS Israel published three documentary reports by our partner: the Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation (KAP) at the University of Tel Aviv ( KAP), focusing on the campaign strategies of the Arab parties in Israel.

Publication Date: 14 December 2012

Language: German

KAS has had an office in Israel since 1982. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our presence in Israel in 2012, we have re-published a summary of 25 years of KAS Israel achievements which had been written by Dr.h.c. Johannes Gerster, Director of KAS Israel 1997-2006.

Publication Date: 30 May 2012

Language: English

The publication: Energy Security in Israel and Europe includes the results of the KAS Israel symposium on energy policies in Europe and Israel held in Sde Boker on March 18, 2012.