Soccer World Cup 2010

A Mass Event and its Influence on South Africa

Vuvuzelas, flags and happy faces. Is that the World Cup in South Africa? The Media Programme sub-Sahara Africa invited 17 journalists from Germany and Africa. Together they will report about the World Cup and its impact on South Africa.


The World Cup is a huge media spectacle, with thousands of journalists coming to South Africa to report on the event, the first to be hosted in Africa. With that, they will focus on the games, the stars, the fans, the stadiums.

This is exactly what the 17 journalists from Germany and Africa invited by the Media Programme won’t do. Their reporting won’t concentrate only on the World Cup itself, but also the influence of the major event on South Africa. In mixed teams, they search for stories outside of the stereotypical reporting, and analyse whether the tournament is a curse or a blessing for the country. What social and economic impact will the event have on the country? Will sport unify the rainbow nation, whose rainbow has lately been clouded over? Will more tourists be attracted to South Africa?

These questions and others will be answered by the participants on an internet blog, with the additional support of international journalists from the Deutsche Welle Academy. Moreover, the KAS participants will produce a print magazine, which will be published before the final whistle on July 11th.

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  • Jochen Markett
    • KAS Journalistic AcademyChristian Jakubetz
      • Online JournalisFerial Haffajee
        • Editor City PressFrank Windeck
          • Director KAS MediaDr Werner Boehler
            • Director KAS South Africa


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