Joburg Radio Days

Regional Conference in Johannesburg

When it comes to African media, radio is still king - that is how a prominent presenter put it at last year's Radio Days. Taking a fresh look this year, regional experts will consider the medium's future challenges as well as opportunities.
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Johannesburg / Südafrika


Peter Burdin (BBC)
Craig Corte (Kagiso Media)
Mandla Soko (SABC)
David Smith (Okapi Consulting)
Kate Skinner (SOS Support Public Broadcasting) etc.


Radio Days: Chances And Challenges For An Important Medium: Regional Conference at Wits University in Johannesburg, by Stefan Möhl
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Markus Brauckmann

Markus Brauckmann bild

Head of the Regional Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa

Johannesburg Business District Steffenfauseweh/KAS