Expert conference

Social Media and Journalism Conference

With the increasing internet availability in Africa, social media has become more and more important. For the first time, KAS Media Africa is hosting an international conference with social media activists and bloggers from Sub-Saharan Africa.


Joburg Radio Days 2014

Radio is still the leading mass medium in Africa. Experts will discuss on the chances and future developments of radio on the continent at this event. The focus is on radio in digital age and multimedia broadcasting.


Website Optimization and Social Media Workshop

Social Media and internet performance becomes more important for parties to get into touch with their voters. This workshop will provide the partnerparties of KAS Media Africa with the needed skills for communication strategies and technologies.

Expert conference

KAS E-lection Bridge 2014

For the fourth time the KAS E-lection Bridge brings leading campaign experts from Subsahara-Africa and Europe together at one table. The focus of the conference was campaign strategy, working with media and inner party democracy


KAS E-lection Bridge Academy 2014

For the second time the E-lection Bridge Academy took place in Kampala, Uganda. It is a sidekick of the E-lection Bridge conference and tries to train the participants in advance to that on topics as political communication and inner party democracy


IPI World Congress

Decriminalization of Expression Panel
Journalists are considered the state's fourht force. But in many African countries the suffer from repressive media law. This was the topic of this years Congress of the International Press Institute held in South Africa.


IFP Spokespeople Training Session

KAS Media Africa launched a Spokespeople Training Session for its partner party in South Africa, the Inkatha Freedom Party, before the elections. The main topics were campaign messaging and the professional behavior in press conferences.

Study and Information Program

Study and Dialogue Programme

Seven campaigning experts from African partner parties were invited to Berlin to learn from the CDU election campaign in 2013. It was the second time that Christian Echle, Director of KAS Media Africa, invited a delegation to the German capital.

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Book Launch in Addis Ababa

“How African Economies Work – A Guide to Business and Economics Reporting”
KAS Media Africa launched its Guide to Business and Economics Reporting in November 2019 in the Ethiopian capital.

Event Reports

Political bloggers meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

by Shoks Mzolo

5th annual conference of #AfricaBlogging
#AfricaBlogging members gathered in Addis Ababa where they exchanged views and discussed a host of topics – from political developments in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya and Zimbabwe, to Internet and social media regulations in Africa and abroad.

Event Reports

La responsabilité des médias en République démocratique du Congo

Il est également clair pour certains propriétaires de médias en République démocratique du Congo que les médias devraient avoir une fonction de gardien et de contrôle. Les stations de radio et de télévision, en particulier, ont connu un véritable essor ces dernières années, car elles sont la seule source d'information pour beaucoup dans un pays où il n'existe pas de journaux dignes de mention et où l'accès à Internet est très coûteux.

Event Reports

Africa’s muckrakers gather for #AIJC19

by Brigitte Read

Investigative journalism conference brings together 400 participants from across Africa and around the world to network, learn new skills and share experiences.
During the last week of October, when Johannesburg’s purple Jacaranda trees bloom and students are writing their final exams, the University of the Witwatersrand opens its campus to the continent’s gutsy muckraking journalists for the African Investigative Journalism Conference. The AIJC is now in its 15th year – with KAS Media Africa as one of its longest serving supporters – and for #AIJC19 brought together about 400 journalists and media experts from across the continent and around the world to network, learn new skills and share their experiences.

Event Reports

KAS Academy hosts media perspectives from Africa

by Brigitte Read

KAS Media Africa convened a panel discussion at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Headquarters in Berlin in September. The three discussants on the panel hailed from the West, East and Southern Africa. Their perspectives aptly portrayed the diversity across the media landscape in Africa.

Event Reports

KAS Media Africa takes journalists from the continent to Hamburg

by Brigitte Read, Christoph Plate

The 11th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) took place in the German harbour city of Hamburg at the end of September. It brought together over 1500 investigative journalists from 131 countries.

Event Reports

E-lection Bridge Academy 2019 in Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire

Young politicians from West Africa sharpen their political communication skills
The growing number of Internet users even in remote areas – where access is made possible by Smartphone devices – has helped raise the importance of online campaigning for political parties that are serious about engaging with the electorate.

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Conference on the media's credibility crisis in Africa and Europe

KAS Media Africa recently invited more than 20 journalists, publishers, media researchers and other industry players to a conference in Gaborone, Botswana.
After scandals in reputable media houses in Africa and Europe, journalists and other experts from both continents gathered in Gaborone, Botswana, to discuss the causes of the credibilty crisis and to find solutions for it. From new business models to fact-checking to press freedom, plenty of presentations and discussions provided a detailed picture of the state of affairs in journalism

Event Reports

Fact-checking in Africa

Global Fact 6 and African Facts 2 brought together fact-checkers from around the world.
In mid-June fact-checkers from 145 organisations across the globe converged in Cape Town, South Africa for Global Fact 6, the world’s sixth fact-checking summit. One day before the global conference a smaller group of African fact-checkers met for the Africa Facts 2 Conference to discuss challenges, goals and questions in the field of fact-checking with a particular focus on the African situation.

Event Reports

Media and Migration: How the story is being told

by Shoks Mzolo

In late May 2019, Johannesburg played host to the Media and Migration Conference to share insights about ethical reporting in this area.
The conference themed also differences and similarities in Africa and Europe.