A world power on the way to a global security actor

Mikko Huotari, Head of International Relations at the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) presented the MERICS-study “China’s Emergence as a Global Security Actor” at a joint event organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the American Council on Germany (ACG) on February 12th.

Analyzing COP23 and building alliances to promote climate friendly policies in sub-Saharan Africa

by Victoria-Charlotte Browning

African climate change politicians and experts coming directly from COP23 in Bonn are participating in a KAS organized dialogue program at the United Nations.

Dr. Stefan Friedrich interviews Eva Kusuma Sundari, Member of the House of Representatives of Indonesia

by Victoria-Charlotte Browning

On September 22nd, 2017 KAS New York hosted an inspiring gathering of female parliamentarians from all over the world.

Candlelight networking

A get-together with former and current KAS fellowship students
On December 12th KAS New York hosted a lecture and get-together for current and former fellowship students.

„It’s on us to rationalize the discourse!“

On December 12th, 2017 the KAS offices Washington and New York hosted a discussion at KAS New York about the democratic discourse in times of fake news and disinformation.

China’s Role in the World after the 19th Party Congress

by Victoria-Charlotte Browning

Mr. Tim Wenniges, Head of the KAS Office in Shanghai visits the KAS New York office

Tackle the problems at their roots – with the help of the UN

by Magdalena Jetschgo-Morcillo

Hochrangige irakische Delegation aus Bagdad und Erbil besucht auf Einladung der KAS New York
High-ranking Iraqi delegation from Baghdad and Erbil visits New York on KAS invitation

„Politik wie vor 20 Jahren bringt keine Wahlergebnisse wie vor 20 Jahren“

by Magdalena Jetschgo-Morcillo

Die Bundestagswahlen liegen bereits über eine Woche zurück, die Koalitionsverhandlungen haben jedoch noch nicht Fahrt aufgenommen – zumindest noch nicht offiziell. Vor diesem Hintergrund analysierten Nico Lange, Büroleiter der KAS Washington, und Jeffrey Rathke, Senior Fellow und stv. Leiter des Europa-Programms am Washingtoner Think Tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), das Ergebnis der Wahl und wagten eine Vorausschau auf die Koalitionsverhandlungen.