Book presentation

Book launch "Evangelicals and Political Power in Latin America"

Evangelical churches have experienced significant growth worldwide in recent decades. Their influence stretches beyond the spiritual sphere into politics, and economies. In recent elections in Latin America they played a decisive role. In a research project and publication coordinated by KAS Peru, sociologists and political scientists from Latin America analysed the political strategies of evangelical churches, evaluated their success and raised questions about the loss of hegemony of the Catholic church on the continent.


Evangelicals and Political Power in Latin America
Evangelicals and Political Power in Latin America
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  • Sebastian Grundberger (Germany
    • Resident Representative of KAS in Peru)
      • José Luis Pérez Guadalupe (Perú
        • Professor and former Minister of the Interior
          • Universidad del Pacífico Postgraduate School)
            • Fabio Lacerda (Brasil
              • Professor for Political Science
                • Universidad de São Paulo)
                  • Juan David Velasco Montoya (Colombia
                    • Professor for Political Science
                      • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)
                        • César Zúñiga (Costa Rica
                          • Professor and parliamentary advisor
                            • University of Costa Rica)

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