XV Baltic Sea NGO Network Forum

The 15th Baltic Sea NGO Network Forum takes place in the Iceland capital, Reykjavik. The topics of Democracy, Equality and the rights and wellbeing of children will be examined closely.


Bogi Ágústsson leads through the event as the moderator.

In the first Session the participants will talk, among others, about populism in politics and the challenges of democracy due to globalisation. Subject-matter will also be the important role of the press and NGOs in a democracy. The presentations are followed by a panel discussion.

Subsequently, will Equality be discussed in the second Session. The main argument of Kristín Ástgeirsdóttirs, Director of The Center for Gender Equality, presentation is that equal opportunity for all citizens, equal rights and the elimination of any kind of discrimination based on ethnicity, age, gender or other factors, is fundamental to the wellbeing of all citizens.

In the third Session the participants will engage with the rights and wellbeing of children and youths. Especially the set of problems for asylum seeking, as well as migrant, children in their new surroundings will be highlighted. Guðríður Lára Þrastardóttir, Red Cross Iceland, will hold her speech “Unaccompanied children and asylum seeking children”, among others.

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Reykjavik, Iceland


Nadja Cornelius-Pieplow

Project Coordinator