Internship at KAS Philippines

The KAS Office in Manila offers internship opportunities to university graduates and students

General remarks:

The main purpose of an internship at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Manila is to gain professional skills and practical knowledge. Accordingly, the tasks of our interns are diverse and multifaceted. Of course, thematic priorities and preferences of our intern are taken into account if possible. University degrees in a relevant subject, including political science, social science, law or economics, are preferred. Political and/or economic knowledge and experience are needed to deal with the given tasks. Fluency in English and comprehension of and interest in political issues are required as well. Furthermore, you should have good computer skills in MS Office and should be able to conduct internet research. At the end of the internship, you will receive a report indicating the length of the internship, the tasks covered and an additional reference letter. A remuneration of the internship is not possible.

Currently, the KAS Office in Manila is headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Jost. During their time with us, interns support the activities of the whole KAS Manila team. Loyalty, commitment and team-orientation constitute important requirements for active cooperation at the KAS office in Manila. In addition, the close proximity to political issues makes discretion, sensitivity and adaptability necessary. Interns are also expected to occasionally work beyond the office hours in case events take place in the evening and/or on weekends. In such cases, compensatory time off will be granted.


The range of tasks includes political, administrative, as well as organizational assistance. Intern support the country representative and the program managers in their different work areas. In line with this, it is not only possible to do academic research on selected topics, or to prepare academic conferences or visitor groups, but it is also possible for the interns to participate in our events. Likewise, interns help with the administration of the KAS office such as creating a German or English reports for our website.

Due to this broad range of tasks, our interns will learn about the functioning of a political foundation; the work of our partners and the activities of KAS in the Philippines. Also, interns get the opportunity to gain insight into the political system of the Philippines and will get a chance to deepen their own political understanding.

Application documents:

The application should include an English CV, an English letter of motivation and relevant references. Furthermore, the requested time period of the internship should be indicated. The documents should be sent as a PDF-file to: Due to high demand, we ask the applicants to get in touch with us, as early as possible, at least 9 months in advance.

We are looking forward to your application!