Kusog Mindanaw

On 11-12 July, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Philippines and the Institute for Autonomy and Governance will be holding a conference in Davao City titled, "Kusog Mindanaw".


The conference is built on the notion that peace and development in Mindanao affects the stability of the Philippines and Asia. It also recognizes that there are opportunities present for political reforms in Mindanao that may serve as a template for reforms for the whole country later on. These topics are the central focus of the conference and its impact on Mindanao will be scrutinized during the 2-day conference.  Political leaders and representatives from think-tanks, the academe, and civil society organizations from Mindanao are expected to attend, and assess and agree on best steps in moving forward to achieve sustainable peace and development in Mindanao. The conference intends to consolidate ideas that will transpire throughout the discussions and publish the outcomes for wider dissemination and impact.


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Davao City


Kusog Mindanaw Conference 2019: Mindanao 2019: Federalism, Bangsamoro, Security, and Martial Law
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Ronna Mae Villanueva

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Program Manager

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