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Podcast: East Asian Energy Security

by Eric Lee

Keeping the Lights on During the Transition
The electricity sector is vital for modern society. Policy makers, regulators and the industry have to ensure that electricity remains affordable and secure. But, national and international climate targets have to be met, too. National energy systems in Asia are under massive pressure to cope with these, sometimes contradicting goals. The rapid rise of renewable energies and discussion about decarbonization have questioned traditional business models, not only in the energy sector. In the audio podcast, Antony Froggatt shared insights into the latest energy development in Europe and Asia.

Podcast: European and Chinese Energy Security Policy

by Peter Hefele

Interview with Mr. Stratos Pourzitakis | Hong Kong
The "great game" on energy and natural resources is back in geopolitics. The European Union sees the "Energy Union" as one of its main strategic objectives. China´s foreign policy is largely shaped by securing access to commodities for its further economic rise and wealth of its population. Mr. Stratos Pourzitakis, Lead Researcher at Asian Private Banker, Hong Kong, discusses future developments in Eurasian energy politics with Dr. Peter Hefele, Director KAS RECAP.

Podcast: Energy and climate change in India – Challenges and perspectives

by Peter Hefele

Interview with Prof. Shreekant Gupta | Singapore
India will soon overtake China in its number of population. Lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty remains the priority of India’s policy. Energy demands will therefore increase dramatically in the years to come. The same time, the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are already heavily felt in the country. How can India bridge the challenges of development and climate change mitigation? Listen to Professor Shreekant Gupta, one of the leading experts in India on energy and climate change policy.


Podcast: The Future of Oil and Gas

by Peter Hefele

Interview with Prof. Paul Stevens | London
Dr. Peter Hefele, KAS RECAP Hongkong, talks to Professor Paul Stevens, distinguished fellow at Chatham House, London, on the future of global energy markets and the Middle East.

Podcast: The future of the Paris Climate Agreement after Donald Trump´s decision to leave

by Peter Hefele

Interview with Dr. Peter Hefele
The decision of US-President Trump to leave the Paris Climate Agreement, has triggered a fierce debate on the future of global climate change policy. Is Paris now dead? What are the consequences for Asia? Listen to Dr. Peter Hefele, Director KAS RECAP, in an interview with Stefan Stahlberg, KAS Berlin. The interview was held in German.

Podcast: Cities as global actors in combating climate change

by Peter Hefele

Interview with Professor Dr. Maria Francesch, Hong Kong
For decades nation states have been the main drivers and often also objectors in international climate policy. The COP21 conference in Paris has seen a range of new influential actors: NGOs, multinational companies – and cities. They all contributed much to the progress made in Paris. Therefore global climate change policy is no longer an exclusive domain of nation states.

Nach COP21-Interview mit Dr. Peter Hefele

Ist man in Asien mit den Ergebnissen der Verhandlung zufrieden? Wie wird in Asien die Bedeutung des Abkommens für den Klimaschutz gesehen? Dr. Peter Hefele, Leiter des Regionalprojektes Energiesicherheit und Klimaschutz Asien-Pazifik, spricht über seine Einschätzung zu den Ergebnissen der Klimaverhandlungen.

COP21-Interview mit Dr. Peter Hefele

by Peter Hefele

Wenn man erfolgreich die Ursachen des Klimawandels bekämpfen möchte, liege der Schlüssel in Asien. Dieser Rolle sei sich die Region durchaus bewusst, so Peter Hefele. „Die Menschen spüren wirklich schon die Folgen des Klimawandels und müssen sich darauf einstellen". Die Küsten- und Inselstaaten, die von den Klimafolgen besonders bedroht sind, würden deswegen sehr stark auf verbindliche Vereinbarungen drängen. Zweifel gäbe es an der Erreichbarkeit des 2-Grad-Ziels angesichts der bisher eingereichten Klimaschutzzusagen der verschiedenen Staaten.
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