Security Implications of Climate Change for Bangladesh

Presentation of a KAS-RECAP research study

In cooperation with the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies BIPSS, KAS RECAP presents the findings of a new study "Energy Security and Climate Change in South Asia: a threat analysis for Bangladesh".


The report discusses the threat mapping of climate change on the example of Bangladesh.

It provides detailed analysis on the effects on water supply, food security, public health, energy security, and livelihood.

Further, among the wider implications of climate change in Bangladesh, issues like social cohesion, internal and regional instability and possibilities of interstate conflicts are scrutinized.

In a final section the current adaptation strategies of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2009 are critically reflected and a set of recommendations for the accomplishment of climate change goals for Bangladesh are given.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh


Major General A N M Muniruzzaman (Retd)
Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies
Prof. Abu Zayed Mohammad
Research Fellow
Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies
Dr. Peter Hefele


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