Biometric Voters Registration for Zimbabwe

Emerging Controversies and Way Forward

Public seminar held under the theme, Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) for Zimbabwe: Emerging Controversies and way forward. Aimed at giving state and non-state actors a platform to air out their views on the BVR.


This is a new phenomenon in Zimbabwe and will be used to register voters to replace the manual registration system. Officials from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) say the exercise will start in May 2017. There was need to unpack this BVR and what it cannot do, and its implications to the electoral processes in Zimbabwe.

Key questions that were to be addressed during the discussion entailed, but not limited to: Will BVR inspire confidence in the electoral process or will it do the opposite? Will BVR address the issues of transparency in the electoral process? What about the misconceptions among the electorate about the use of ICT in the registration process? It is against this background that MPOI presented stakeholders with an opportunity to talk about this BVR and its implications on the electoral processes in Zimbabwe

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Harare, Zimbabwe


David Mbae

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Head of Office in Zimbabwe

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