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From Critique to Action

Renewing South Africa’s Promise in a Time of Crisis

From Critique to Action is an initiative of The Brenthurst Foundation in partnership with The KAS which brings together authors of many of these critiques along with a select group of individuals from civil society, business, politics and academia.


In recent years a number of major critiques on South Africa have been published. The critiques approach South Africa’s complex social, economic and governance challenges from a variety of perspectives, though across all is significant common ground that could be tilled for ways to achieve two main aims: arrest the country’s slide into still-deeper crisis; and return the country to a positive economic, political and social trajectory.

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110 Hatfield Gardens,
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa

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Ravenswood, 110 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town


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From Critique to Action_Part2 in CT_2
From Critique to Action_Part2 in CT