Mine Closure & Rehabilitation: From Dereliction to Accountability?

Since 2015, the CER, has been hosting a series of seminars where local experts can share their knowledge. This seminar is focused on the enormous challenge of mine closure and rehabilitation of environmental impacts after mining has ended.


Ensuring that the environmental damage caused by mining is rehabilitated to the extent that – at best - other land

use is possible, and – at worst – does not pose an ongoing threat to the environment and safety of affected

communities, is an enormous and perpetual challenge in South Africa. Past failures to ensure adequate rehabilitation

and closure, often complicated by insolvency, have not only resulted in vast environmental challenges like acid mine

drainage, but has also facilitated the recent human tragedies associated with unregulated artisanal mining.

Why do we not see enforcement of historical liability of mining companies and directors? What steps can be taken

to prevent disaster in mines just closed, like the notorious Blyvooruitzicht Mine, or on the cusp of closing,

particularly in the current economic climate in South Africa? And looking ahead, will the Regulations pertaining to

Financial Provision for Prospecting, Exploration, Mining or Production Operations recently published under the

National Environmental Management Act start to secure adequate financial provision for rehabilitation and closure

of existing and new mines?

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Sunnyside Park Hotel
Princess of Wales Terrace,
2041 Parktown
Republic of South Africa
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  • Prof Tracy Humby
    • Wits School of Law
  • Prof Caroline Digby
    • Wits Centre for Sustainable Mining
  • Dee Fischer
    • Chief Director Integrated Environmental Management
    • Department of Environmental Affairs

Christina Teichmann

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Prof. Caroline Digby (Wits) speaks about the international context Eigene Aufnahme
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