Public Procurement Law Training, Gauteng, Session 2

Training for the Office of the Public Protector (PP)

The training programme will consist of four two-day sessions targeting 60 officers of the national office of the Public Protector (PP) in Pretoria. The training is conducted by Prof. Quinot (African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit, SUN).


Unit 2 will focus on particular procurement methods and on the adjudication of public tenders. In South African law there are essentially three basic procurement methods or procedures, namely petty cash purchases, quotations and competitive bidding. These are also at times used in combination in multi-stage procedures. The law focuses primarily on the third of these procedures, competitive or open bidding. This is where bidders are invited to submit tenders that are formally adjudicated within the procurement law regime. The focus in this unit will in particular be on this third form of procurement and the detailed legal requirements applicable to the various stages of the procurement process.

In addition to the basic procurement methods set out above, the law also provides for a number of "special" procurement arrangements, namely unsolicited bids, transversal contracts and participating in contracts arranged by another organ of state.

The outcome of unit 2 is to develop an appreciation for:

•The different methods of procurement provided for in South African law;

•The main legal requirements for a valid public procurement within each of these procedures;

•The particular legal requirements pertaining to the various stages of competitive bidding.

Further Info on the Training for the Office of the Public Protector (Website of the African Procurement Law Unit)

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  • Professor Geo Quinot
    • African Public Procurement Regulation Unit (APPRRU
      • University of Stellenbosch)
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