Iraq between Frontlines

Caught in between international influences while still fighting against the Islamic State, Baghdad wants to take a step forward towards more stability and economic revival.
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Economic Recovery in Syria: Mapping Actors and Assessing Current Policies

KAS and Omran Center for Strategic Studies Publish a Book on Economic Recovery in Syria
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Basra's Protest Movement and Unemployment: Contesting Party Dominance of the Oil Sector

The city of Basra is largely recognized as the economic capital of Iraq, it represents the country’s main harbor and some of its largest oil fields are located in the province – yet...
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Basra's Political Marketplace: Understanding Government Failure after the Protests

As the traditional economic center of Iraq, Basra is of major political interest for the newly elected government in Baghdad. Following the popular protests that started in the summ...
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Sulaimani Forum 2019: Iraq and Its Neighbors – Toward a New Regional Order

On March 6 and 7 2019, a panel of influential policymakers, researchers and stakeholders discussed the strategic and regional importance of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR...
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Der US-Truppenabzug aus Syrien mischt die Karten neu

Die Entscheidung des US-Präsidenten löste große Kritik an der Bündnistreue der USA aus. Und vom Abzug würden vor allem der IS und das Assad-Regime profitieren.
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