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A Glimpse into Syrian Civil Society

Kesh Malek and KAS Syria/Iraq issue Magazine “Glimpse” Covering Syrian Civil Society Movements

After the start of the Syrian revolution in 2011, the importance of media professionals covering relevant civil society movements in order to spread their values has significantly increased. However, the humanitarian catastrophe and the war in Syria have overshadowed their reports. To highlight the news and the activities of the Syrian civil society and the Syrian communities abroad, the Syrian NGO Kesh Malek collected data of 365 different Syrian NGOs and reached over 2,000 people with the content.

In cooperation with the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Kesh Malek has issued the print and electronic magazine Glimpse covering civil society news and activities in Syria and the Syrian civil society abroad. These include reports about local teamwork initiatives in the liberated areas, civil resistance acts against extremists and dictatorship, cultural and artist stories, and individual stories in the context of civil society.

For more than forty years, possible uprisings or civil rights movements in Syria were suppressed. After the start of the revolution in 2011, many journalists started documenting the civil society movements, as they grew more relevant in the political context. However, in view of the humanitarian catastrophe and the civil war in Syria, the political news overshadowed the media reports on the activities and initiatives of the civil society. It is therefore of utter importance that selected media report independently about the development and work of civil societies in Syria and Iraq. Glimpse has given civil initiatives a platform to share their work with Syrians inside and outside the country, and to promote their work and values. It has also offered the opportunity for cooperation, and to connect civil society organizations in and outside of Syria with each other.

The project has shown that promoting the work of civil society organizations via media instruments is a valuable contribution to the promotion of values such as democracy, freedom and human rights. Glimpse serves as a successful example for independent reporting in Syria. In 2018, the project reached over 2,000 journalists, international and local news agencies, and Syrians inside as well as outside of the country.

Please visit the Glimpse Website for more information and all articles.