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Empowerment and Integration of IDP Women in Syria’s Swaida Province

KAS and Balady promote multi-ethnic coexistence in Swaida

After the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, many people from Deraa fled to the neighbouring Swaida province because it was safer compared to other areas in Syria. The majority of the population in Swaida is Druze, whereas most of the IDPs from Deraa are Sunnis. In order to promote a peaceful coexistence between these two communities during the ongoing conflict, it is important that an active exchange takes place which can support mutual understanding.

The aim of empowering women of both communities in Swaida and encouraging integration as an overall process, the NGO Balady with the support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office organized a series of workshops. This gave a group of internally displaced (IDP) women from Deraa the opportunity to share their skills and traditions with the local women of Swaida. The refugee women taught traditional handicraft to the interested people to make their host community more familiar with their culture.


In each workshop, the participants could learn different handicrafts, like making sweets, traditional embroidery and accessories characteristic to the Deraa region. The essential goal of the project was the peaceful gathering of the two groups of women, giving the IDP women the chance to mingle with the local Druze women and thus prevent potential future conflict.


The positive long-term effect of the workshops was instantly noticeable after the project ended. The participants are still meeting each other on a regular basis and have therewith become a core group of women of both communities that are open to welcome more members.


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