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Women in Law Enforcement

Female law enforcement officers sharing their experiences

The integration of women into law enforcement positions can be considered a large social change. A century ago, there were few jobs open to women in law enforcement. A small number of women worked as police officers and/ or security guards, and their assignments were usually limited to peripheral tasks. Women traditionally worked in juvenile facilities, handled crimes involving female offenders, or performed clerical tasks. In those early days, women were not considered as capable as men in law enforcement. Recently, however, many options have opened up, creating new possible careers, so much so that it is easy to run into a police officer or security guard who is female. In this article, we bring to you stories of some female law enforcement officers, who shared their experience with us.
Sgt Esther Namaganda
Traffic Police Officer gave us a highlight on how being a female law enforcement officer is not an easy job. She joined the forces at the age 20 and grew through her ranks to her current rank of sergeant serving as a police officer has been a fulfilling job as it has given her an opportunity to serve the country. She gave her opinion on how a normal day looks like with lots of challanges.

Sylvia Anek
Security guard who shared how balancing family and professional work is difficult, do their work as expected despite of being attached the societal prejudice of being known as the “weaker sex.” She shares one of the greatest pressures they face as female law enforcers.

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