Expert conference

Private Sector Forum

In partnership with Centre for Development Alternatives and representative bodies of the private sector, KAS is holding a Private Sector Forum to reflect on the challenges of unemployment and curbed economic growth in Uganda.


Kampala Geopolitics Student Debates 2019

The Kampala Geopolitics Student Debates will offer Makerere University students exposure to numerous political views and a chance to actively question and critique common statements with debate topics cutting across contemporary, local and international geopolitics. Through outstanding performance during the course of the debates, the student-panellists can further qualify to be nominated for panels at the Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2019, taking place on the 17th and 18th of October.


Youth4Policy Research Validation Workshops

Youth4Policy Fellows are meeting with our mentors and facilitators to validate their research results from the field and to prepare their policy recommendations for their final policy briefs.


Public Symposium "East-Africa's Rising Middle Class: Challenges and Opportunities"

Uganda's middle class is growing but requisite economic opportunities must be created to match this growth. Together with Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS, we will organise a pubic symposium at Makerere University on the 16th of August to discuss the challenges and opportunities of a rising middle class. Besides awarding the winners of a Photo Contest – presenting lived realities of Kampala’s Middle Class – we are looking forward to a lively symposium discussing East-African perspectives on the Middle Class with the following panellists: Milton Ayoki (UG), Yamara-Monika Wessling (DE) and James Muriuki (KE).

Expert conference

ICT Officer Training

Training for Government Officers and Ministerial Employees on ICT novelties


YELP seminar

Fellows of the Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) are meeting for their next workshop on Kalangala Island.


Youth Leadership Training (POLA-LAB)

The political Leadership Advancement Lab (POLA-Lab) is a project aimed at mentoring a new breed of effective and reflective leaders with skills to deal with contemporary development challenges. Therefore, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and UNiFOG will conduct a one-day Training Workshop on Leadership Skills for youth leaders, youth representatives from civil society and selected student leaders.


Youth4Policy Writing Workshop

Fellows of the Youth4Policy fellowship are meeting to advance on their policy briefs which will later be published. In the writing workshop, the fellows receive expert input to guide them along the writing process.

Event Reports

The KAS scholarship programme gave my career a new direction

Annual KAS scholarship and Alumni holder meeting in Kampala
Since 2001, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation continues to offer scholarships to students in the various fields related to democracy in partnership with the Uganda Martyr's University, Nkozi. On 14th of October the annual KAS scholarship and Alumni holder meeting took place in Kampala. The programme supports the studies in Democracy & Development, Governance & Human Rights as well as the newly introduced Research & Public Policy offered at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Event Reports

National Youth Council Orientation Meeting for Secretaries for Female Youth Affairs in Iganga

In Corporation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, 23 elected Secretaries for Female Youth Affairs of the National Youth Council (NYC) met from 4th until 6th of October at Continental Hotel in Iganga. The meeting not only created a platform for the participants to share challenges that they face and the solutions they have come up with but also gave them the opportunity to strengthen their problem solving and leadership skills they have used in the past few months that they have been in youth leadership.

Event Reports

Roundtable Discussion on Effective Youth Participation

Beyond elections: fostering and sustaining constructive youth political engagement
On 04th October, a roundtable discussion on constructive youth political engagement was held by the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Uganda and the University Forum on Governance (UNIFOG). Under the theme “Beyond elections: fostering and sustaining constructive youth political engagement” the roundtable brought together distinguished youth from the academia, political parties, civil society and government. UNIFOG and KAS representatives, including special guest Miriam Fischer, Desk Officer of KAS Headquarters in Berlin too were present to discuss prospects for youth mobilization in Uganda.

Event Reports

Harnessing Youth Energies in Promoting Gender Equality and Good Governance

by Bernard Mukhone

Encouraging university students to eloquently voice their opinion and engage in political participation through debate
ACFODE and KAS continue to encourage youth participation in the governance of their country. Between 4th and 6th October, KAS supported the annual Inter institutional debate competitions held at Nob View Hotel. This year's theme was harnessing youth energies in promoting gender equality good governance. Makerere University was crowned the champions for 2016.

Event Reports

Strengthening the democratisation in Uganda

NGO-representatives from Uganda visit Berlin and Bonn
How does good governance and local democracy work in Germany? Nine representatives from the African country visited Germany from 18th – 24th of September 2016 as guests of KAS in a “Germany seminar” to gain impulses for their work in their home country.

Event Reports

Stärkung der Demokratieförderung in Uganda

NGO-Vertreter aus Uganda zu Besuch in Berlin und Bonn
Wie geht gute Regierungsführung und kommunale Demokratie in Deutschland? Neun Multiplikatoren aus dem afrikanischen Land sind vom 18.-24.September 2016 im Rahmen eines Deutschlandseminars Gast der KAS und wollen Impulse für ihre Arbeit in der Heimat erfahren.

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The South Sudan National Women’s Strategy for enhancing women’s participation in decision-making during and after the Transitional Period is developed as a result of a lengthy rigorous consultative process with South Sudanese women from different sectors mentioned below.

Event Reports


Young Leaders Think Tank receives training on producing effective policy recommendations
The Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives is an initiative of KAS to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation in Uganda. The 25 members are young, highly qualified Ugandans engaged in different sectors and meet regularly to discuss important policy issues and develop policy papers (the last one on Agriculture was even presented to the Vice-Minister of Uganda). Therefore, developing skills to write well-structured and relevant policy briefs and blog posts was the goal of the two-day-workshop from 3rd to 4th September at Esella Country Hotel in Kampala.

Event Reports


by Donnas Ojok

Beyond Elections: Fostering and Sustaining Constructive Youth Political Engagement
Often times, many young people participate in political processes only during the election peaks. To inculcate youth participation at all times, we hold public dialogues and debates to continue providing a platform where youth can engage and discuss real political issues.

Event Reports

The Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives meets the Vice-President of Uganda

Policy Recommendations on how to enhance youth participation in Ugandan agriculture
KAS is collaborating with young innovators in Uganda to generate new policy ideas on issues that affect the young people in Uganda. On 25th August, the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives has presented a paper that offers critical reflections on youth engagement in the agricultural sector to the Vice President of Uganda, Mr. Edward Ssekandi.