The European Union at Crossroads - A Possilbe Roadmap for the Next Political Cycle

In cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade organizes a two-panel round table discussion on the future course of the European Union, following the European elections in May 2019.


The joint event aims at providing a platform for policymakers, diplomats and representants of academia from Germany, Hungary and other countries from the Central European region to exchange thoughts and views on this topic. The roundtable discussions will concentrate on two main issues.
In the first part, the panellists will discuss the European political landscape shift following the European elections, which led to an unprecedented fragmentation within the European Parliament. As far as we one can see, the result of the European elections will complicate the process to find workable compromises and in general slows down decision-making. It is going to be an immense task for European decision-makers to uphold the unity of the European integration considering the existing cleavages within the EU on various issues.
During the second part, the invited guests will give an overview of the future priorities of the European Commission, led by President von der Leyen in the upcoming political cycle. On one hand, it will be an evaluation of the post-Juncker Commission’s roadmap concerning meaningful European issues (e.g. MFF, CFSP and CSDP, rule of law debates, migration policy, Brexit and the future of the neighbourhood policy, just to name a few). On the other hand, the panelists will work out how the tension between the Member States could be decreased considering these policy areas, which have increased significantly over the course of the last few years (North-South as well as East-West division).
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