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Kazakhstani People’s Attitude To Coronavirus Pandemic.

In pandemic tend Kazakhstanis trust the actions of the authorities, but they are waiting for tangible social assistance

The global pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19 has affected almost all countries of the world, including Kazakhstan. Unprecedented preventive measures have been taken in the country, and an emergency regime has been introduced. Since March 19 Nur-Sultan and Almaty have been quarantined. In this situation, an extremely important indicator is the attitude of Kazakhstanis to the pandemic and their assessment of the actions of the authorities.

The survey results showed that Kazakhstanis generally support the actions of the authorities and trust in local medicine. At the same time, citizens expect a real solution to problems in the payment of loans, partial payment of utility bills, cost containment.

The Kazakh people’s perception of the coronavirus pandemic could not but be affected by the devaluation of the national currency and the economic crisis. In this situation, the population obviously expects from the state not only effective measures to prevent COVID-19, but also tangible social assistance.