Adventure Sphere Europe

Workshop for teachers in Līvāni

"Adventure Sphere Europe" workbook offers tips for introducing pupils with knowledge on Europe in a creative and exciting way.


Since March 2012, free seminars are being held in various towns of Latvia (Aizkraukle, Talsi, Liepāja, Bauska, Limbaži, Riga). All secondary school teachers are welcome to participate at them. This cycle of seminars is a continuation of the joint project "Adventure Sphere Europe" which was run by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the EU from October 2009 until August 2010. During the course of the project, teachers from Latvia, Estonia, and Germany as well as EU experts developed methodologically didactic materials on the European Union for the sake of offering this knowledge in a creative and interesting way. In October 2010, these materials were compiled and published in a workbook titled "Adventure Sphere Europe" thanks to the initiative of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in collaboration with the University of Latvia and Jaan Tennison institute (Estonia), as well as financial support from the European Union.

On Friday, 13 April 2012, at 10:00 hrs, Konrad Adenauer Foundation jointly with the Board of Education of Līvāni district will open the training seminar the purpose of which is to enable teachers become acquainted interactively with the political education workbook "Adventure Sphere Europe". Participants of the seminar are going to acquaint themselves with the European Union by role-playing several of the exercises published in the workbook in order to supplement their teaching skills on the EU and apply the newly acquired information in their pedagogical work.

The seminar will take place on Friday, 13 April 2012, from 10:00 until 17:00 (lunch break from 13:00 until 14:00) at Līvāni Secondary School No. 1, 101 Rīgas Street. Transport fares from and to the venue of the seminar will be covered in case of necessity.

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Līvāni Secondary School No. 1, 101 Rīgas Street


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