Youth Workshop on Peace Making and Conflict Resolution.

A series of presentations along with in-depth discussion, questions and answers sessions on peace and conflict resolution.

Three-day workshop which exposed youth in-depth discussion on peace building and conflict resolution. Youth were empowered to understand how to keep peace and resolve conflicts from personal, group, community to state level.



Topics for discussion where;

Exposition on peace jargons such as peacemaking, peace keeping, peace keeping missions, peace enforcement, peace transformation, conflict prevention, conflict management and conflict resolution. Global, Regional and National Context on Peace Keeping, Conflict Prevention and Resolution. Nexus between Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa. Peace Education and Peace Keeping in Africa: Background, Developments and Areas of Improvement. Root causes of conflicts, Approaches Used in dealing conflicts, strength and weakness of the approaches. Case Studies of Conflicts in Africa. Peace Keeping in Tanzania: Background, Success, Fractures and Solutions. Role of Youth in Peace Keeping, Conflict Prevention and Resolution at Family, Community and National Level. Opportunities and Challenges for Youth Participation in Peace Keeping in Tanzania. High population growth, youth bulge and youth unemployment as a liability to Peace Keeping, Conflict Prevention and Resolution. Best Practices on Peace Keeping, Conflict Prevention and Resolution among Youth in Africa.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The workshop was successful as it inspired youth to practically engage in peace keeping initiatives. The youth were granted certificates of participation and were advised to be agents of change in their communities. Participants suggested to be informed and connected with other CETA and KAS programs. They also advised to extend this initiative to rural areas where most people are victims of conflicts.


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Nzimano Conference Hall, Kigoma.


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