Expertise exchange forum: Towards a sustainable region.

A multi-stakeholder meeting in Marrakech to implement the climate agenda through the region's development plan.


Marrakech Morocco sustainable region program
Marrakech Morocco sustainable region program

KAS-REMENA in partnership with the association Ibtikar (innovation) citizen participation organized, from 04 to 06 March in Marrakech, a forum for the exchange of expertise on the themes of sustainable development in the region Marrakech-Safi. Representatives of the house or representatives, presidents of municipalities and other elected officials, civil society, the private sector and the press took part in this exchange. All actors in the region stressed the importance of the context that requires the participatory preparation of regional development plans after the elections and all agreed on the urgency of integrating the climate and energy efficiency component among the priorities of the above plan. 

In a region subject to strong pressure on resources, caused by the concentration of tourist activities, the increasing unavailability of water resources, the reduction of arable land, the management of household and industrial waste and the problems of mobility and pollution are hazards that weigh on the daily lives of citizens and to which all territorial actors must react.

The event was launched by a multi-stakeholder conference to exchange on the environmental diagnosis of the region, followed by thematic workshops on the engineering of territorial public policies and levels of integration of climate issues. The presence of actors representing different institutions allowed an open and constructive dialogue and highlighted the need to join efforts to make the new plan of the region more sensitive to climate hazards.


Statement by Mr. Ahmed Touizi (member of parliament and mayor of Ait Ourir):

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