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Regional Green Accelerator Bootcamp: An acceleration bootcamp for green enterprises

From 17 to 20 July 2023, KAS-REMENA organized a bootcamp in Jordan in collaboration with cewas Middle East gathering a green entrepreneurs from Lebanon and Jordan. The bootcamp focused on acceleration strategy and impact model of the green enteprises bringing leading experts and coaches in the field and providing space for peer to peer learning.


Energy transition in the Mediterranean amidst geopolitical pressures and the energy crisis

Securing Energy, Reshaping Decarbonisation


Regional Dialogue Programme "Conservation of Oasis Ecosystems in the MENA Region under Water Stress"

From 05 to 07 June 2023, KAS-REMENA organized a dialogue programme in Jordan in collaboration with WANA Institute gathering a delegation of regional experts. The event focused on the conservation of oasis ecosystems in the water-stressed MENA region and emphasized the importance of regional cooperation.


Training: Climate and sustainable development policy for young politicians

A training organized by KAS REMENA in partnership with the student organization of RNI was held in Casablanca on Thursday 27 April. The event brought together young Moroccans to discuss issues of sustainable development and climate change, and how politically active youth can contribute to addressing these challenges.


Israel Climate Change Conference 2023

From 13-15 February 2023, KAS-REMENA brought a delegation of international experts to Israel to discuss climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as the need for regional cooperation during a conference organized in cooperation with Haaretz and a roundtable discussion.


Maghreb Gas Forum

KAS REMENA in partnership with the “Centre maghrebin des études stratégiques” held a seminar on "The challenges of development and environmental challenges for gas exploitation in Maghreb countries" from 25-26 February 2023 in Nouakchott, Mauretania.. The purpose of this event was to discuss the opportunities and challenges that gas exploitation could bring to the Maghreb countries.


2nd Symposium on the Legal Framework for Sustainable Development in Africa

KAS-REMENA organized the 2nd symposium on the Legal Framework for Sustainable Development in Africa from 20-21 January 2023 in Tunis in partnership with the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis.


Morocco/EU relations: towards new perspectives in the face of climate challenges. The Carbon Border Adjustment Measure (CBAM) and its implications for the Moroccan economy

On 7 February KAS-REMENA in cooperation with the Istiqlal group in the second chamber of the Moroccan parliament brought together policymakers, experts, civil society and representatives from the European Commission to discuss the implications of the CBAM on the Moroccan economy.

Expert conference

Industrie du Maroc: special edition on circular economy in Morocco

In partnership with KAS-REMENA, Industrie du Maroc Magazine has published a special issue on the circular economy in Morocco and the prospects it offers to the growth and development of the Moroccan economy. The publication details the various benefits of the circular economy and the best ways to implement it and benefit from an increased sustainability of resource use in the country.


Lebanon: The food security issue and its impact on the daily life of citizens

In partnership with KAS-REMENA, Executive Magazine dedicated two special editions to the challenge of food security in Lebanon and its impact on the daily life of the citizens as well as the perspectives of the agricultural sector and agro-entrepreneurship to contribute to improving the situation.

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Solution-driven Regional Water Journalism Workshop

Virtual workshop, August 30-31, 2021

Aspiring environmental journalists, media professionals and entrepreneurs gathered for a tailored online workshop aiming at mainstreaming solution-driven reporting of acute water-related challenges in the MENA region. The journalist worked together with environmental entrepreneurs to write on their solutions that address water-related challenges in the MENA region. Three of the elaborated articles were shortlisted for a one-on-one coaching session with a renowned regional environmental journalist.

Water Journalism Academy - Middle East and North Africa

Virtual Training from 17 August to 21 September 2020

Outstanding environmental journalists and media professionals gathered for a tailored online academy aiming at intensifying and improving the quality and scope of media coverage of acute water-related challenges in the MENA region. Three of the elaborated media pieces were awarded with the Blue Peace Open Eye Award.

KAS African Climate Perspectives on Migration

International Conference from 1 to 2 July 2019 in Rabat, Morocco

Experts, scientists and civil society representatives from various African countries met in Rabat, Morocco, to discuss the impact of climate change on migration movements in Africa.

Autumn Academy on Sustainability and Resource Security in the EU and MENA region

October 19 to 29, 2018 at the European Academy Otzenhausen (EAO), Germany

Selected young professionals from the MENA region met in Germany to learn about sustainable strategies in the fields of energy, water, mobility, waste management and urban development.

Dialogue Programme on Water and Waste Management Models

Insights and Ways Forward for the MENA Region

This article provides a summary of a five-day dialogue programme of meetings, presentations, discussions and field trips entitled ‘Innovations in water and waste management: Models of transferability to the MENA region’, which took place from 25-29 March 2018 in Cologne, Germany and Brussels, Belgium. The publication has been jointly elaborated with Wala' Abdullah from NGO Fanack.

German-Arab Young Journalists’ Academy in Rabat

For the first time, one of the successful intercultural journalism academies of KAS took place in Morocco. On the main subject “water”, 16 young journalists from Germany and six Arab countries travelled throughout the whole country for their different researches.

International Workshop Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Implementation in the Maghreb

The Nexus recognizes that the Water, Energy and Food sectors are inextricably linked and that actions in any one of these areas usually impact upon the other. Thus, these complex and intricate links require a suitably integrated approach to ensure global food and water security as well as sustainable agriculture and energy.

Basra: Opportunities and obstacles for sustainable economic growth

KAS and Basra University hold conference on economic diversification

Basra is the second biggest city in Iraq, holds a majority of Iraqi crude oil reserves and is known as the gate to Iraq due to its maritime ports. At the same time, Basra and the south of Iraq are suffering from low economic growth rates and poverty. On October 8 and 9, the KAS Regional Programme for Energy Security and Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa, the KAS Syria/Iraq office and the Arab Gulf Research Center of the University of Basra held a conference about the opportunities and obstacles for sustainable economic growth in the province.