Working visit to the commune of Harhoura.

To explore opportunities for collaboration and experience sharing.


Meeting with the commune of Harhoura
Meeting with the commune of Harhoura

The municipality of Harhoura invited the KAS-REMENA team for a working visit on Monday March 14. The representatives of the local council as well as the members of the local administration discussed with the director of the regional program Mr. Steffen Kruger and expressed their wish to integrate the climate and energy component in their action plan for the next 6 years. The support they will receive will give them the opportunity to open up to a network of experts and regional experiences in green waste management, energy efficiency and coastal development. The members of the municipality also conducted a field visit of the various sites of the city and provided explanations on the sensitivity to environmental impact in its projects. 

It should be noted that the municipality of Harhoura is located 20 km south of Rabat. Its 12 km of maritime coastline is considered as its main asset that transforms it, during the summer, into a seaside resort, which contributes to a pressure on resources since the number of inhabitants is multiplied by 8 during this period. 

Media coverage in a local press: bit.ly/KasHarhoura


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