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Pray,Register,Vote Webinar Series

A Cry for Peaceful Zimbabwean Elections from the Church

On the 28th of March 2023 the Foundation in partnership with the National Movement of Catholic Students aired a webinar dubbed: "A Cry for Peaceful Elections from the Church". The episode was done under the Pray, Register, Vote Webinar Series.

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The webinars intention was to cover the gap of offering neutral political information, offering a neutral ground for people to dialogue and debate, encourage young people to go register and vote, to raise awareness on and bout the need for peaceful elections, to share on what the church is doing to ensure peaceful elections and finally to give a general view what the judiciary system is like in like with politics. The panelists included Dorcas Chitiyo a Human Rights Lawyer, Father Kembo the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Officer and it was moderated by Jacob Matumbe.


Watch this episode on the National Movement for Catholic Students page accessible from this link

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