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Desalination in the Mediterranean

Impact on the Mediterranean Ecosystem

In this article of the REMENA policy paper series, Bdredin Suliman, Hussam Hussein and Salma Daoudi explore the impact of desalination on the Mediterranean ecosystem.

Special Report

Energy Security

This special report from Executive magazine in partnership with the Regional Programme on Energy Security and Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS-REMENA) delves into Lebanon's intricate energy landscape within the broader context of the Levant region.

The Decarbonisation Agenda in Türkiye, the European Union and the Eastern Mediterranean

This paper, the fourth article of our series “Climate Change Mitigation in the Eastern Mediterranean,” explores the potential for accelerating decarbonization efforts in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a specific emphasis on Türkiye and its relationship with the European Union (EU).

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Food security in the Middle East and North Africa

Between emergency and pragmatism

Immediately after the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa again became the focus of attention. Food security, a hitherto marginal concept in the literature, became the focus of interest for regional and global actors. Fears arose that Europe would have to address the consequences of a renewed stability crisis in its southern periphery in addition to the challenges of conventional state warfare on its eastern flank. The reality, however, is different. The states of the region were able to respond to the crisis not least because of diplomatic flexibility and neutrality. How has the war affected the region? Have the countries of the region pursued strategies of long-term diversification of their food sources? Where are countries now sourcing their grain supplies? What impact can be expected from the recent end of the grain agreement between Russia and Ukraine? With these questions in mind, this compilation focuses on Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. These countries were considered particularly vulnerable to food crises. Finally, a regional perspective summarizes the trends regionally and identifies possible solutions.

La Grèce en Méditerranée orientale : Défis du changement climatique et opportunités clés

Troisième article de la série de publications KAS-REMENA "Atténuation du changement climatique en Méditerranée orientale"

Dr. Agis Digkas analyse les défis et les perspectives du changement climatique en Grèce, en soulignant la nécessité d'une adaptation stratégique dans des secteurs vitaux tels que le tourisme, l'agriculture et l'énergie, afin de favoriser la collaboration, l'innovation et la croissance face aux impacts écologiques et sociétaux.

Conservation des écosystèmes d'oasis dans la région MENA en situation de stress hydrique


Ce rapport aborde les défis de conservation auxquels sont confrontés les écosystèmes d'oasis dans la région MENA en raison du changement climatique et de pratiques insoutenables, en se basant sur des discussions issues d'un programme de dialogue régional en juin 2023, offrant des recommandations aux décideurs pour renforcer les efforts de conservation et la coopération régionale.

L’encadrement juridique du développement durable en Afrique

Septième numéro de la Revue Africaine de Droit de l'Environnement (RADE)

Le septième numéro de la Revue africaine de droit de l'environnement (RADE) se concentre sur l'examen du cadre juridique du développement durable en Afrique, avec une attention particulière sur son incorporation dans les systèmes juridiques des États africains francophones pour favoriser le progrès et le partage des connaissances en droit de l'environnement à travers le continent.


The policy paper discusses Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technology as a promising solution to combat climate change and achieve sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, emphasizing its potential to complement renewables, support economic growth, and foster international collaboration.


The Path Toward Low Carbon Energy Systems in Israel

Regional Cooperation for Mitigation of and Adaption to the Effects of Climate Change

The publication explores Israel's electricity grid and the barriers hindering renewable energy integration, emphasizing the need for more ambitious climate change mitigation and proposing regional cooperation to address energy and water security challenges amidst the climate crisis.

The Climate Change Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus in the Context of the Water-Energy Nexus

1st article of KAS-REMENA Publication Series “Climate Change Mitigation in the Eastern Mediterranean”

The article delves into the Water-Energy Nexus (WEN) concept, which explores the interconnectedness of energy and water. By examining the current water and energy security situations in the EMME region, with a specific emphasis on Cyprus, the article aims to propose innovative technological solutions to tackle these challenges.

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