The third way road of the Popular Front of Latvia

The event is dedicated to the 2nd Congress of the Latvian Popular Front from the 7 to 8 October 1989, which is one of the most important events of Latvia's third awakening

The discussion of the power of unity, the ability to step above personal insecurity and resentment, and to be able to devote all strength to the growth of Latvia. Are we ready for an independent Latvia?
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Popular Front Museum, Rīga, Vecpilsētas Str. 13/15


Journalist Elita Veidemane
politician Ivars Godmanis
lawyer Egils Radziņš
publisher and polygraphist Artis Ērglis
Moderator: Social memory researcher from the University of Latvia
Doctor of Communication Science
Mārtiņš Kaprāns.

Evija Pokule

Evija Pokule


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