From Bonn to Berlin - a Shift in Politics?

As a result of the German unification in 1990, discussions aroused concerning the location of the German capitol. The "capitol resolution" determined that the government and authorities should move from the small town Bonn to the metropolis Berlin


The "Bonner Republik", which was found in 1949, established itself throughout the years until 1990. During that time not only Germnay's integration process into Europe was deepened. Furthermore, national stability as well as economic prosperity and external calculability were strengthened. In 1990, when the contry became unified, the "Bonner Republik" had to give way to the "Berliner Republik" - despite the fact, that it was not sure whethter it could maintain and achieve the goals of its predecessor.

In the course of the German "Kulturfr├╝hling", which will be held in may 2008, we are going to discuss with the well-known expert Helmut Herles if there had been a shift in politics as a result of the relocation. Herles worked several years as a correspondent for the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in Berlin as well as chief correspondent for the "Bonner General Anzeiger".


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Helmut Herles (former correspondent for the German newspapers "FAZ" and "Bonner General Anzeiger")

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Von der Bonner zur Berliner Republik


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