From situation analysis to foresight

Joint project by KAS Belarus office, Minsk Dialogue Track-II Initiative and Wilfred Martens Centre for European Studies

Recent years have shown deficit of understanding of regional developments in Eastern Europe, which has become a serious challenge on both expert and policy levels.


The overall crisis of the European security system, which is now widely seen as damaged and with unclear prospects for new systemic arrangements, is further aggravated in the region in-between Russia and the EU by its multiple specific vulnerabilities. Lack of understanding of strategic shifts and situational risks in many cases hinders decision-making and policy planning by the states of the region and also outside powers.

The objective of this project is to provide an additional instrument for improving the understanding of situational developments and strategic opportunities in Eastern Europe. To this end, the project will generate region-specific expertise to fill the recently adopted approaches of the revised European Neighborhood Policy and the EU’s Global Strategy with concrete policy substance.

Methodologically, the project will use qualitative research methods, with situational analysis and foresight (scenario-building) as the main elements. Three project workshops will be held in Minsk, Belarus in order to look into most recent regional developments, assess their implications for the region at large and for the EU’s foreign policy in particular, draft short- and medium-term scenarios, and produce policy recommendations based on them. At the end of the project, based on its findings throughout the year, a long-term scenario-building exercise will be carried out. Project reports will be circulated among all relevant stakeholders in the EU and Eastern Partnership countries.

More information will be available in a short time.

The seminar receives financial support from the European Parliament. Sole liability rests with the organizer, the European Parliament is not responsible for the activity.

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