Workshop VII of KAS-Martens Centre Discussion Club

The seminar for Belarusian students and young professionals uncovering the topic of the current political landscape within the center-right ideology in Germany and Europe.


The session will start with an open discussion evening on the topic "Campaigning practices, limitations and effects during Parliamentary Elections 2016 in Belarus, Russia and Lithuania". Experts from Belarus, Russia and Lithuania together with the participants of the Club and other guests are invited to participate in a moderated discussion on the issue.

In the first part of the workshop the participants of the seminar series present the results of their own research. After that Irmina Matonyte, Doctor of Philosophy, professor at ISM University (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Ina Shakhrai, PhD candidate at the Humbolt University (Berlin, Germany), will talk about Post-Communist problematics and Europeanization of a small state. Participants will discuss and debate on the selected issues.

In the second part of the workshop Tibi Borza, Co-Founder/Managing Partner at MindOFF Group (Romania)and Bogdan Popescu, Authorized Partner at Cube Training (Romania), will provide a training session called "Professional development: Self-assessment and self-presentation in the professional environment".

The KAS-Martens Centre Discussion Club is a multi-part series of seminars and workshops organized by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies together with Belarus country office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and funded by the European Parliament.

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  • Andrey Shcherbak
    • Linas Kojala
      • Aliaksandr Autushka-Sikorski
        • Irmina Matonyte
          • Ina Shakhrai
            • Tibi Borza
              • Bogdan Popescu

                Dr. Wolfgang Sender


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                KAS-Martens Centre Discussion Club Session VI


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