Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Communication Society

A KAS/Beijing organized expert talk focused on important sociopolitical questions, highlighting challenges formed by the rapid development of information- and communication-technology.


Chinese means of communication have changed dramatically over the last twenty years. A once rather one-dimensional media environment has been gradually enriched by new actors and broadcasting channels. Nowadays the individual has various possibilities to actively participate, creating a polymorphic media landscape.

This trend not only offers a wide range of new opportunities but also implies big challenges. To name these challenges and to give future advice on how to deal with them was thus the task of experts and representatives of political and economic institutions in an interdisciplinary dialogue organized by KAS/Beijing. One of the main topics was digital media and the sensitization for issues of civil society.

This expert talk was part of a series of venues organized by KAS/Beijing in which experts from China and Germany analyzed the manifold aspects of transnational communication processes in the age of digital media.

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  • Professor Dr. Schwarz-Schilling
    • Bundesminister a.D.

      Thomas Awe

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      Auslandsbüro China