Improving election management in Ghana

Workshop on the Role of the Security Sector

Workshop on the Role of the Security Sector in Improving election management in Ghana


The Ministry of Interior and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung embarked on a project in 2005 with the objective of improving public safety in the country with the emphasis on the security personnel. The project so far contributed in enhancing the work of the regional security councils with the deliberations from these workshops. In 2008, attention has shifted from just ensuring public safety to include public safety in an election year. The importance of elections in the lives of the nations cannot be overemphasised especially when it has exploded some “stable” countries into tribal states with the consequences of influx of refugees and displaced persons.

The main purpose of the workshop is to raise the awareness of the personnel in the Security Agencies in the Upper East Region of their role in the 2008 General Elections. This workshop targets Upper East Region because in the 2000 and 2004 general elections the region recorded the most violent electoral conflicts especially in Bawku Municipality.

The specific objectives of the workshop will therefore be the following:

  • To remind the Security Agencies of their interdependent and non-partisan role as far as elections are concerned
  • To brainstorm on some of the measures to nib in the bud the likely problems that can negatively affect the conduct of the elections
  • To come out with some concrete measures to enhance peaceful election in Ghana
  • To promote greater co-operation and collaboration among the personnel of the Security Agencies in the Region.
The following outcomes are expected to be produced by the Workshop:

  • Security measures to ensure peace, before, during and after the general elections.
  • Using the Electoral Laws to promote the elections.
  • Promoting Civic Education to ensure peaceful general elections.
  • A firm grip of the adopted strategy for peaceful elections in the region.

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  • Snr. Programme Officer Isaac Owosu-MensahTarget Group: Security Agencies (CEPS
    • Immigration
      • Fire
        • Prisons
          • Police) and members of Civil Society

            Klaus D. Loetzer

            Head of the KAS office in Tunisia


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