Public safety - The role of the security agencies

Workshop Report (Akosombo, 13.-15.10.2006



Governments all over the world take public safety in terms of citizens, residents and property seri-ously. Ghana is considered to be peaceful and is doing better in the field of security, public safety and crime levels compared to many other countries. What then needs to be done are measures that will help curb the escalation of crimes and crime reduction.

As a result of this, the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, or-ganized a workshop on “Public Safety - the Role of the Security Agencies” at Volta Hotel, Akosombo from 13th to 15th October, 2006.

Composition and topics discussed

The workshop which included both the Minister of Interior and his Deputy also drew participants from all the Security Agencies including NADMO and the Bank of Ghana. In all six papers were presented by six Resource Persons from diverse backgrounds and these were discussed by five groups after which recommendations were made. The topics were: Strategies to prevent violent crimes such as robbery, car snatching and rape; Enhancing public safety by combating robbery and violent crimes; Reducing the incidence of bank fraud; Ways of reducing road accidents in the country; Ways and means of combating the trafficking and usage of drugs in Ghana; and strategies to reduce the inci-dence of disasters in the country.


It was observed that most crimes in the country are economic crimes and since poverty can be said to be absence of opportunities, there is the need to create employment opportunities for the youth. This should be preceded by basic education for all and skills acquisition.

On bank fraud, it was observed that the criminals are outpacing the security agencies therefore there should be strengthening of the capacities and capabilities of the intelligence units to keep track and pace with the criminals.

On incidence of drugs, there were suggestions that more resources should be made available to pur-sue an effective educational campaign across the country. Printing of drug education handouts, flyers and the establishment of a NACOB website where these flyers and information be made available for people to update themselves of harmful effects of drugs, etc. PNDC Law 236 was also suggested to be amended in line with the current drug situation.

NADMO does not have the professional skills to handle “complex” emergencies/disasters. This leaves the entire nation extremely vulnerable There is therefore the need for a national platform informing stakeholders what NADMOs plans are in combating disasters and there should be a standing operat-ing procedure in place/strategies in managing disasters.

Death toll on our roads was also seen to be alarming. There was a call for strict enforcement and in-terpretation of all Road Traffic Acts and Legislative Instruments (LI) by the enforcement agencies (po-lice, courts, DVLA, etc.) should be enhanced and encouraged and the outcome of rulings by the courts publicized in the media for people to know the consequences of traffic offenses. There should also be a ban on importation of used vehicle tyres.