Investments and Entrepreneurship in a Digital Era

von Martha Kontodaimon
An experts discussion with students from the University of Komotini


On May 21st 2020 another online event of KAS Greece and Cyprus took place, in collaboration with the Department of Economics of the  Democritus University of Thrace. Two finance experts met online with students of the University of Komotini, presented key information from their field and emerged to a discussion on points of interest. 


Emre Camlilar, Index Operations Manager based in Frankfurt talked about the topics of investment and the role of crypto currencies in them. In specific he focused on the types of investments, the difference between active and passive investments and the concept of risk. Gradually he discussed also on indexes, where he emphasized on their purpose, their construction and their use cases in active and passive way of investing. Lastly, he touched upon crypto currencies where he referred to their features, latest developments in the market and he briefly discussed on how crypto currencies can be used in investments.  


Jessica Roussou, Digital Product Risk Analyst at HSBC Digital in London took over in the second part of the event. She presented an overview on contemporary banking, talking in broad strokes from traditional banking to fintech and digitalization, and in specific on "Challenger banks", which are cloud native and digital-only. In the second part of her presentation she focused on the Fintech landscape in London and the ecocystem around banks and digital banks, stressing out the need for human judgement against automation.


The presentations and the discussion were monitored by Thomas Poufinas, Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics in Democritus University of Thrace. 



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