Productivity and Effectiveness of Teams Through Times of Crisis

von Martha Kontodaimon

A Scientific View

Real life problems tackled through a scientific perspective.


On April 30th 2020, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Greece and Cyprus held a closed webinar with Katharina Beitz, a journalist, speaker, and researcher with  main focus on business, ethics, and technological innovation, on topics of productivity and effectiveness of teams through times of crisis. 


Her presentation was a combination between science and pragmatic business approach. She set through examples the framework of a crisis and she stressed out the necessity of crisis management teams in organizations. Through examples of managers reacting differently in types of crisis, she establisher the power of teams' positive mindset and ideas exchange through diversity as key components of effectiveness. She concluded by focusing on the power of agile management and teams, which lead to increased productivity in the workplace. 


A series of questions followed her presentation and the discussion with the public was moderated by Martha Kontodaimon, Research Associate of Konrad Adenauer Foundation Greece and Cyprus.  


Katharina Beitz is the co-founder of Resilient Resident, a smart city company focused on civic tech, innovative supply chains and accessibility in urban areas. Besides, she is doing her Ph.D. focused on Philosophy of Economics and Technology. She holds an MSc. degree in Digital Innovation and Leadership from ESCP Business School (Shanghai, Silicon Valley, London) as well as a MA and BA degree n Philosophy (Freie Universität & Humboldt Universität). She has worked together with CEO’s, tech accelerators and impactful organizations. She has researched and wrote papers at leading Think Tanks in Berlin and South Africa on startups and smart cities, as well as on data governance and global poverty.



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