Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings

KAS Kenya would like to share with you the season's greetings. Happy festive seasons to you our partners and friends.
Training of Enterpreneurship
Entrepreneurship and Politics

Entrepreneurship Training for Aspiring Young Politicians

KAS Kenya in the last year has developed an entrepreneurship program (STEP) that seeks to train young aspiring politicians on entrepreneurship skills.
Youth and Politics

The state of political engagements among young people and the challenges they undergo

Young people are not ‘victims’ or ‘problems’ as often claimed, but diverse and critical stakeholders in democracy. Find out more about Youth and political engagements.
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Understanding Politics and Demographics in Kenya

This study is meant to understand the relationship between politics and population dynamics and how the various elements and variables relate.
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Strengthening Local Health Governance

Social Audit (SA) is a tool that looks at the state of local health sector governance This is justified as easier to test and conduct within the varying community set ups.
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Food Security - Samburu County

Civil Society Engagement for Better Approach Towards Political Decision Makers "Power Mapping"

KAS Kenya held a one day training aimed to strengthen the media and CSOs capacity in developing better approaches (power mapping and analysis) towards political decision makers.
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auf der Website der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Kenia! Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlickeit sind die Prizipien der KAS. Seit 1974 arbeitet die KAS partnerschaftlich mit staatlichen und politischen Institutionen, sowie mit Organisationen der Zivilgesellschaft in Kenia zusammen. Gerne informieren wir Sie hier ausführlich über unsere Arbeit.

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Social Market Economy
Launch of Business Heroes Film, Dr. Maxwel Okoth
Virtual launch of documentary film featuring Business Hero Dr. Maxwell Okoth.
Youth and Politics
Young People and Party Politics
A discussion with the young youth league leaders on some of their experiences, challenges and achievements in party politics.
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Democracy in Kenya
Taking Stock of Democratic Gains & Losses in Kenya: A Revisit of the International Day for Democracy
Virtual forum on the state of democracy in Kenya where we look into the gains and losses made in the recent past.
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Women in Politics
Women Participation and Representation in Politics
Women in politics help advance gender equality and affect policies considered and solutions proposed for a wide array of issues. Find out more on the discussion here.
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Civic Duty
Active Citizenship: Taking Responsibility Beyond Self
As active citizens there is need to enhance and uphold our rights and responsibilities and get involved at all level of democracy.
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Food Security
Post Covid 19 Food Security Scenarios in Kenya
National & County governments in Kenya have discussions on restoring socio-economic status disrupted by Covid-19 & other factors.How will this address food & nutritional security?
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Devolution in Kenya
Devolution in Kenya ten years on: A Review of Implementation and Effects
How is the current structure of the new polity aligned with the constitutional vision for economic, social and political inclusion built on the principles of Decentralization?
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Religion and Politics
Role of Religion in Politics and Governance in Kenya
Religion and politics are concepts that designate two different & interdependent subsystems of society. Although the concepts may differ analytically, the two are interdependent.
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ICT Governance
Democracy and ICT: Youth, Social Media and Participatory Politics in Kenya
Watch the discussion on how the youth, social media and participatory politics integrate in reference to the advancement of ICT in Kenya in enhancing democracy.
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Mentorship in Times of Crisis
Leadership is of importance in any kind of crisis, thus the question, how do we nature leadership in such times of a pandemic?
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