Women and Governance

Fact sheet of Women’s performance during 2022 Elections

KAS Kenya is cognizant of the fact that women play a crucial role in the legislation & representation process in the Country particularly in the realm of political representation.
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Youth Day 2023
Happy International Youth Day 2023

International Youth Day

We at KAS Kenya wish the youth a Happy International Youth as their green skills are enhanced to lead to better sustainable development. #Greenskillsforyouth
KAS @ 50

50 Jahre KAS Kenia: Rückblick und Visionen

Am 3. Mai 2023 feierte die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Kenia das 50-jährige Beststehen ihres Länderbüros in Nairobi.
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Labor Day
Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

KAS wishes all Kenyans a Happy Labor Day
Easter 2023
Happy Easter

Easter Holiday Wishes

We at KAS Kenya wishes you a joyful Easter Holiday. #KASKenya
China Kenya 4
A summary of China ‘s megaprojects in Kenya

China’s Infrastructural Engagement in Kenya

Chinese-Kenyan relationship is primarily focused on economic & infrastructural cooperation. Therefore, China has financed several “megaprojects “, on which this article will focus.



to the homepage of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Kenya. The work of KAS in Kenya is guided by the understanding that democracy and rule of law are mandatory for a peaceful future in Kenya. By carrying out activities for political leaders and members of the civil society, we encourage participants to engage in the political process.

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Chaguo (Choice)
Chaguo Film
The overall objective of the film is to edutain the Kenyan youth and society in general on the importance of participating in politics and more so elections.
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Siasa Bomba Talk Show - Zweite Episode
Role of the Senate in the political governance
Hon. Abshiro Halake and Hon. Antony Kimani Ichung'wa diskutieren über die Rolle des Senats in Kenya.
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Social Market Economy
Business Hero: Dr. Maxwell Okoth
Our business hero for this film Dr. Maxwell Okoth of Ruai Family Hospital- Kenya shares his entrepreneurial journey of starting a health Care facility from scratch.
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The role of Governors in Devolution in Kenya
Diese Talk Show ist eine Produktion der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Kenia, um Debatten von nationalen Interesse mit ausgewählten Gästen zu präsentieren.
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Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre
Puppetry Shows
Die Puppenshow des Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre fördert politische Bildung und veranschaulicht politische Verantwortlichkeit in Kenia.
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Social Market Economy
Launch of Business Heroes Film, Dr. Maxwel Okoth
Virtual launch of documentary film featuring Business Hero Dr. Maxwell Okoth.
Mentorship in Times of Crisis
Leadership is of importance in any kind of crisis, thus the question, how do we nature leadership in such times of a pandemic?
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Civic Duty
Active Citizenship: Taking Responsibility Beyond Self
As active citizens there is need to enhance and uphold our rights and responsibilities and get involved at all level of democracy.
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Women in Politics
Women Participation and Representation in Politics
Women in politics help advance gender equality and affect policies considered and solutions proposed for a wide array of issues. Find out more on the discussion here.
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Youth and Politics
Young People and Party Politics
A discussion with the young youth league leaders on some of their experiences, challenges and achievements in party politics.
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