Civic Education for Schools and Colleges

A source Book 4th Edition

The importance of civic education in the development of a country cannot be overemphasized. This book is a reader friendly resource material developed by Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum to be used by Civic Education Trainers, Facilitators and Teachers in Kenya. This book is the Result of the review of the 3rd Edition and inputs of various resource materials in Kenya; both from Civil Society Organizations and the Government of Kenya. The topics covered in this book are; National Integration, Citizenship, Constitutionalism, Governance, Democracy, Human Rights, etc.
CHAPTER 1: National Integration

CHAPTER 2: Citizenship

CHAPTER 3: Constitutionalism and the Kenyan Constitution

CHAPTER 4: Governance and the Kenyan Government

CHAPTER 5: National Planning and Budget Process

CHAPTER 6: Land Tenure and use in Kenya

CHAPTER 7: Democracy

CHAPTER 8: Elections and Electoral Process

CHAPTER 9: Human Rights

CHAPTER 10: Child Rights & Child Abuse

CHAPTER 11: The Environmental Management and Conservation

CHAPTER 12: Corruption

CHAPTER 13: Conflict Resolution

CHAPTER 14: HIV & Aids

CHAPTER 15: Drugs & Substance Abuse

CHAPTER 16: Gender

CHAPTER 17: International Relations