KAS Conference on Political Speech Writing

Political speech writers exchange notes and share insights



Speech writing is a specialised skill. Speech writers are among the most important people behind politicians and their careers. In July 2022, KAS Media Africa is assembling 15 speech writers to a conference on this topic in Dakar, Senegal.

Speech writers for politicians all over the world are constantly looking for inspiration and guidance. How do I write a speech for parliament, for a rural audience or for an urban one? How do I combine the expectations of the politician I am writing for with the realities on the ground? How do I blend colourful language and imagery with the political message that should come across?

The upcoming KAS conference will offer the participants an opportunity to exchange views and insights with fellow speech writers from different parts of Africa, Europe and the United States. The programme also includes tracing the origins of speech writing, a discussion on development process of a speech, and analyses of examples from different countries.


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Gorée Institute, Sénégal


  • Christoph Plate
    • Director KAS Media Africa
  • Heather Thuynsma
    • Lecturer & Communications Manager University of Pretoria
  • Dr Martin Hielscher
    • Program Director - Fiction
    • C.H. Beck Publishers
  • Michael Dobis
    • Political Speech Writer

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