ANN Board Meeting 2007

Riding the Korean Waves

The ANN Board meeting in Seoul serves as platform to take stock of the expanding network’s achievements and to discuss its future direction.



ANN currently comprises of sixteen English-speaking newspapers in fifteen Asian countries and boasts a combined readership of 50 million.Organized by the Media Programme Asia of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Singapore in cooperation with The Korea Herald, the meeting’s agenda foresees, amongst others, a discussion on ANN’s coverage of the forthcoming Beijing Olympics in 2008. ANN Board members also have the opportunity to learn about Korea’s IT industry in an address by the Vice President of Samsung Electronics and the CEO of PMC Production. Korean Deputy Prime Minster for Economic Affairs, Mr Kwon O-kyu as well as Minister of Information and Communication, Mr Roh Jun-hyung will also be addressing the audience on current trends and developments in Korea.


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Seoul, Korea


  • Mr. Kwon O-kyu
    • Deputy Prime Minister for Economic AffairsMr. Song Seung-hwan
      • CEO of PMC ProductionMr. Roh Jun-hyung
        • Minister of Information and Communication

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